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A New Book:

Make the World a Better Place:

Design with Passion, Purpose and Values

We are all designers.  


If other species are evolutionarily tuned to blend in, run, or hunt, we are evolutionarily tuned to design.  While other species adapt to their environment, we adapt our environment to us.


Yet, design has lost its moral compass.


While well-paying manufacturing jobs have disappeared, drug addiction and poverty have increased in the face of a global pandemic, racism is systemic, and our democracy is under threat, companies worth trillions of dollars are spending hundreds of millions of dollars and harnessing some of our brightest minds to design a virtual world, driverless cars, and a space tourist industry.  


If everyone acts to maximize their self-interest, the world is worse off, not better.  The world will improve if we--individually and collectively--design with passion, purpose, and values to reduce harm, increase happiness, advance knowledge, promote equality, address injustice, and build supportive relationships and communities.

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Design this?

Or this?

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